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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lace that I Like

This decorative fabric has been with us for a while now, we have seen many different varieties and designs throughout the seasons, including layering styles, close stitching, wide stitching, coloured can be exude pretty, feminine and delicate traits and can also be created in a tougher, darker, Gothic style. Ever changing styles revitalise this fabric each season hence it is still a very current trend. The Lace I love at the moment is a traditional antique and periodic style with wide stitching, however it is worn as one layer exposing the skin also giving it a slightly edgy element. It has moved on from the lace sheath over an under slip, and lace 'covered' garments, as it is worn as a sole layer there is more emphasis on the actual lace fabric and the design and quality of the lace.

This may be quite risky worn all over directly over undergarments (raunchy!) I would like to balance it by mixing a lace top with tapered trousers or a lace skirt (midi) with a knit/ jersey top.

This dress below also very cleverly mixes these elements; a shift dress with sleeves covered in this exact  vintage style lace..

Worn beautifully by my friend last Sat night, and nipped in with skinny brown belt, gorgeous!!!

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