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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Crazy Stripes

This trend is all over the shops at the moment, contrasting stripes like we have never seen them before! Prada spurned it with their SS 2011 collection, with creative and daring colour combinations, and even collaborating stripes with bold prints, I love to see something different with this. The colours showcased are strong and bold like Persian blue, sea green and orange-red, contrasted against each other and with jet black in thick, horizontal stripes. The shapes are mainly a sharp shift style allowing the colours to strike the impact. The strong design and the combination of black avoids the bright colours looking too harsh.

Among the high street shops covering this trend is Zara with a couple of very similar results, I purchased this top below a couple of weeks ago which resembles the thick stripe idea in a shift style top but incorporates a pastel lilac colour.

This top takes on the colours and stripe style mostly from the following Prada dress:

I  am usually a colourphobic but this gives me a melange of colours for the summer, which I LOVE!!.. The hues are not overly bright and are toned down by the black stripe, perfect!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lace that I Like

This decorative fabric has been with us for a while now, we have seen many different varieties and designs throughout the seasons, including layering styles, close stitching, wide stitching, coloured can be exude pretty, feminine and delicate traits and can also be created in a tougher, darker, Gothic style. Ever changing styles revitalise this fabric each season hence it is still a very current trend. The Lace I love at the moment is a traditional antique and periodic style with wide stitching, however it is worn as one layer exposing the skin also giving it a slightly edgy element. It has moved on from the lace sheath over an under slip, and lace 'covered' garments, as it is worn as a sole layer there is more emphasis on the actual lace fabric and the design and quality of the lace.

This may be quite risky worn all over directly over undergarments (raunchy!) I would like to balance it by mixing a lace top with tapered trousers or a lace skirt (midi) with a knit/ jersey top.

This dress below also very cleverly mixes these elements; a shift dress with sleeves covered in this exact  vintage style lace..

Worn beautifully by my friend last Sat night, and nipped in with skinny brown belt, gorgeous!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cannes 2011

I am waiting (patiently) until the end of Cannes Film Festival 2011 this weekend to delve back into the photos from the parties, premieres, photcalls, etc to disect and pick out my faves (will actually be in heaven). Going by what I have seen so far though there is one strong likeness coming through........Marchesa. Her dresses seem to be dominating the festival, attracting the wow factor with each showcasing. They exude such a strong sense of feminity, from the colours; red, violet, white, gold, the fabric and designs; chiffon, embellishment, feathers, lace trim...LOVE IT!!  They scream beauty, how gorgeous would you feel in one of these (although Penelope Cruz - probably everyday feeling)

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Juicy Fruit

Gonna kick off my first post with a theme I hope to emulate throughout the blog in future postings; an appreciation of a beautiful piece, in this case designer, and an example of how someone can replicate this piece in a more affordable, accessible version!

I am obsessed with this Stella Mc Cartney Summer 2011 fruit print dress, with the mixture of colourful fruit pieces muted by dark green leaves against a white palette. The colours and print echo the 70's trend of the moment. I also love the shift dress style with the curved slits at each side to soften the cut. It is a sophisticated dress with a fusion of summer fun. You can just picture this dress paired with wooden wedges and sunglasses in an uber cool sun drenched destination!

So you can imagine my excitement to find this Zara blouse with a similar fruit print trend against a white palette like the dress. Although the print envelops the blouse, unlike the separation in the dress, I feel it is a clever imitation with its shift style and cap sleeves.

It is teamed here with a white mini but you could also wear it with crisp white shorts, wooden wedges and retro sunglasses to embrace the summer! Although this is probably a bit optimistic in our less than Mediterranean climate therefore white or blue skinny jeans would be a welcome substitute.

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